JG, I feel like anything I say will be inadequate in reaction to this. There is something deep and visceral about this piece, about the way you take us through the ghosts of your memories. I’m right there with you, walking in step through those all classrooms, remembering the sound of those printers, recalling how I also used to tear off and fold those little strips of paper into enmeshed accordions that I could squash together and pull apart.

I think I understand the feeling, too. That feeling when you drop into your memories and realize there’s far more there than it seemed when you took a glance at the surface. And when you traverse it and let your mind dig deeper, you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed, shuttering at what was and who you were while at the same time exhilarating over the moments of what seemed like perfection now marred by the reality of adult hindsight.

This is experimental writing. This is real and deep. This is writing that connects with those reading it and sweeps them along with you on your journey. In this, you are not alone.

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